Tommy Clufetos: Ozzy has been in 'agonising pain'



Hot on the heels of the news that Ozzy Osbourne has cancelled his planned show in Germany tonight, we caught up with the double O's drummer Tommy Clufetos to get the inside word on working with the Prince of Darkness.

Clufetos was able to shed a little light on the reason behind the gig being pulled.

He explained: "I haven't spoke to him [Ozzy] yet, but I know he's had some back trouble and I think the doctors have advised him to take a break. He's had back trouble for the last two or three weeks where he's in agonising pain.

"I see it because when he turns around to me I see he's in pain but the second he turns back out to the audience he's Mr Showman. He really cares about the audience. The only reason the show would be cancelled is that he can physically not make it. He's a trooper."

The former Rob Zombie man also gave us the heads up on what lies ahead for him and the Osbourne camp.

"It's [shows in] Japan and then back to the States. I don't know specifics but we're going to be working. Ozzy's already talking about the next record. Hopefully that will happen. He's really excited about the band. He's just expressed he wants to get us going in there as soon as he can. He wants to do a full-on rock'n'roll band album."

Before that, the Ozzfest tour stops off in London on Saturday, and that's something Clufetos seems very pleased to be apart of.

"These are such legendary songs in rock'n'roll throughout the world. I feel honoured to be apart of Ozzy's band and having a piece of that history."

Rich Chamberlain

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