Student bags £1,000 for drum kit jeans



© Simon Jarratt/Corbis

Any drummer that has ever had the pleasure of lugging a drum kit to a gig, into the car, up a flight of stairs, through a venue and finally onto the stage will have no doubt thought if there was another way. Of those, we're guessing very few ever thought a drum kit they could carry in their jeans was the answer.

But that's just what one 17-year-old student has come up with. Aseem Mishra has designed and created a pair of jeans that can also be used as a full kit - hi-hat, bass drum, snare, cymbals and toms.

Confused? Take a look at this video for a full demo.

Not only has the invention given Aseem a drum kit he can wear, but it's also bagged him the title of Young Engineer of Great Britain and a £1,000, which he'll presumably spend on developing a cajon you can fit into a bow tie.

Rich Chamberlain

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