Soulfly drummer David Kinkade to quit music



Soulfly drummer David Kinkade has announced that he is quitting the band, drums and music altogether.

In a series of posts on his Facebook page, the sticksman revealed that the band's run of shows in Asia would be his last, reports Blabbermouth.

He said: "Music doesn't have a 401K plan, insurance, anything that I can count on in the end to support my family, and that scares me. I can't just crawl back to my mom's couch anymore if I drop the ball. I have people depending on me to provide, so I'd rather not be selfish anymore and focus on the real rather than a dream."

Kinkade went on to say that he does not see life on the road as glamorous nor does he see himself as a rock star, adding "I'm a hired gun and always have been just a hired gun... I'm just a hired gun who was luckier than most to have worked my way up the food chain a bit further than others. The fact is that I've tasted it all now and want nothing to do with the entire dish anymore."

He concluded: "I don't enjoy playing drums anymore, shows or anything to do with it. I just want to be home with my family. My fiancée, the kids, my Mom, Grandpa. Those are the only people who mean something to me… I'm just thankful that I made the decision at 29 rather than 39."

Rich Chamberlain

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