Ronnie Vannucci: The Killers will head 'back into the garage'



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Ronnie Vannucci, drummer for synth indie pop megastars The Killers, has just checked in with Rhythm and given us the lowdown on frontman Brandon Flowers' solo record, when we can expect to hear new material from the Vegas rockers and how he indulged in a spot of double drumming.

The sticksman revealed that just because the band has been on hiatus while Flowers works on his debut solo outing, that doesn't mean they've been slacking off.

"We're always in the studio. Maybe not all at the same time, but we've all been working during the break. It's what we do now. I can't stand still. It [a new Killers album] all depends on Brandon doing a little bit of touring for his record and then I think we'll all regroup when everyone's had chance to do a little writing and we'll all get back into the garage again and put our heads together. That's kinda the way it works!"

Ronnie also filled us in on Flowers' solo record, - which he said came about as the band wanted a break after eight years of near non-stop touring and recording - telling us all about his contributions to the album, which included a dose of double drumming.

"I stopped by at the studio and my friend was playing drums [with Brandon] and we wanted to jam a little bit on a song called 'Playing With Fire'. We set up couple of drum sets and just started playing. We had a little snare drum, hi hat and kick drum, miked it up really quick and we both started playing together. It was this double drum thing that was kinda cool and it filled out the song a little bit."

Double drumming? We can't wait to hear that one! You'll be able to take a listen for yourself on 6 September when Flamingo is released in the UK. Our US readers, meanwhile, will have to wait until 14 September.

Rich Chamberlain

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