Rhythm Hot Band: Bad Sign

Bad sign

Bad sign

Band: Bad Sign

Drummer: David Smith

Who are they? UK power trio echoing the sounds of Seattle.

Sounds like: They've been raised on a staple diet of grunge.

Why should you check them out? New EP Exit is a hugely promising slab of grunge/alt-rock with one foot firmly in Seattle circa 1992. Just take a listen to the frankly awesome 'Eclipse' to see what we mean.

But, there's more to Bad Sign than meets the eye, that much is apparent even on this five-track taster of their sound. 'Inertia' takes Muse-esque stadium-sized hooks and gives them the Bad Sign treatment, while 'Exit' is an atmospheric CD closer to savour. Certainly ones to watch.

Go to: www.myspace.com/badsignband

Rich Chamberlain

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