Rhythm gets hold of the ultra-limited edition Pro-Mark 50th Anniversary snare drum!

Those of you in the know will be aware that Pro-Mark is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the release of very special limited edition snare drums. They had us drooling when we previewed them in issue 135, and now we have one in the flesh!

Here it is, as modelled by an impressed Phil Ascott (Rhythm editor):

The drums were built by craftsman Pete Stanbridge and this one is a 14"x6 1/2" model. It's made primarily from Japanese white oak, complemented with 24-carat gold-plated hardware.

The drum costs a staggering £4,350, but how does it sound? And no matter how good it sounds, can it be worth such a massive sum? Find out in when we review it in the June issue of Rhythm, on sale 11 April.

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