Ratt drummer plans solo album

Bobby Blotzer is planning to work on a solo record later this year.

The Ratt drummer told Rhythm that he´ll concentrate on the project after the US hair metallers finish touring their new album, Infestation.

He said: “At the end of this tour I´m going to do a solo record where I play everything. I write and record all of the instruments on my solo project.

“On my last solo album I had John Corbai (ex Ratt guitarist/Mötley Crüe frontman) come in and sing on it. I love John´s voice and I like working with John.”

Bobby also suggested that he´d like to bring his solo band over to Europe for some dates.

“I´d come out from behind the kit and play some rhythm guitar and maybe bass. I´d use my son to play drums. He´s a great drummer and he techs for me when I´m on tour.”