Pat Petrillo and Pete Lockett put on ACM classes



© Sayre Berman/Corbis

Students at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) have been treated to masterclasses from two of the percussion world's finest players.

Pete Lockett and Pat Petrillo both paid the London school a visit during the last few weeks.

ACM's Drum Guitar School Manager, and Rhythm tutor, Mike Sturgis was suitably enthused about the events. "It's been amazing having two world-class players like Pete and Pat in to ACM recently. Both of them have been completely inspirational in their playing, and have provided information of real value to the students."

Petrillo added: "The ACM has everything a drummer or any musician needs to hone their craft...great teachers, great facilities, and great curriculum. I always love coming to the ACM, as the students are always receptive to new ideas and concepts."

For more on ACM head over to their website.

Rich Chamberlain

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