Kiss drum kit and Porsche up for sale



© Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

Already bought yourself a Kiss refrigerator, air freshener and sleeping bag (yes, all of these do exist)? Well, how about getting your hands on some real grade A memorabilia by treating yourself to an Eric Carr drum kit.

You can head over to and bag yourself the kit used by the late Eric Carr on Kiss's Crazy Nights tour. Early Christmas present, anyone?

Unfortunately, you can't buy the kit as a whole, and several pieces have already been sold, but there's still plenty on there to snap up.

As well as the set-up, the site also has Eric's Porsche for sale, although judging by the pictures on the site, it may have seen better days.

Last week marked 19 years since the much-loved drummer's death. We paid tribute by looking back at some of his finest moments, check that out right here.

Rich Chamberlain

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