Jon Brookes thanks fans for support after onstage collapse

Jon brookes

Jon brookes

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Jon Brookes has thanked fans for their support in the weeks following his onstage collapse. The Charlatans drummer stopped breathing at a US show last month and has since been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

In a blog post, Brookes describes his collapse during the Philadelphia gig, speaking of "strange lights" in the corner of his eyes and a feeling of disorientation and panic.

He continues: "The blessing is that I don't have enough recollection to be totally freaked out by the first seizure/event. And I can only feel sorry for my dear friends who had to witness such a painful display."

On the messages of support received since, the drummer says: "I will never be able to express my heartfelt thanks for all the love and light I received, from all of you who text me, sent me cards, made calls to me or passed on their support and best wishes that ultimately brought me back home, safe!

"I have the best chance of rebuilding my life now and will always have one eye on the lookout for those strange lights! But knowing that love is the key and I wouldn't be here without it… It is with the deepest thanks I can express that I will hopefully be back to my old self and be returned to full heath with the ongoing treatment I am to receive."

Former Verve drummer Pete Salisbury is currently sitting in for Brookes.

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