Charlatans drummer collapses on stage

Jon brookes

Jon brookes

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Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes was rushed to hospital last night (15 September) after collapsing on stage. Brookes is thought to have stopped breathing during the band's set at a US show.

A statement from the indie rockers explained: "Early into the set Brookes suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing."

A doctor in the audience at the Philadelphia gig came to the drummer's aide, before he was then taken to hospital.

The band added: "Brookes was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Philadelphia and during the night was given a CAT scan and has been responding well to treatment.

"He has now been transferred to a larger hospital in the city for further tests, although his condition is said to be improving and doctors believe there will be no long term effects on his health. Fans are advised to check the website regarding future gigs."

We'd like to wish Jon a speedy recovery. More on his condition as and when we get it.

Rich Chamberlain

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