Gene Hoglan gear bag stolen



Gene Hoglan had a bag full of gear stolen at a recent gig.

The Testament drummer had a pair of Alesis DM5s, his stickbag, in-ears and more taken during the band's show in Chile last week, but the loss that has hit him hardest is a ten-year-old pair of boots.

Gene explains: "[They are] the same boots I've played and recorded in for almost the last decade. 

"Sentimentality aside, they don't make these boots anymore, as the company who makes them, Boodaz, went out of business around the time I got them.

"If, for whatever reason, you were to gain knowledge of the whereabouts of my bag (or the bag itself), especially my boots, could I ask you to contact me in care of Rob Shallcross, my manager, at"

C'mon people, do the right thing, reunite Gene with his boots. After all, he's dished out some almighty double kick punishment in them over the past decade, so we hardly think they'll be pristine…

Rich Chamberlain

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