Frank Ferrer: Waiting for Axl means I get more time to warm up!



© Katarina Benzova

Being drummer for Guns N' Roses means one thing - plenty of lengthy waits backstage while you wait for Axl to turn up. But, it seems that Frank Ferrer is putting that time to good use.

The GN'R drummer tells us that the late stage times just mean he has more chance to limber up before getting behind the kit.

He explains: "Obviously there's always issues of us going on late, so I always have plenty of warm up time. I never have to worry about that! Usually I can get in a good half hour before we hit the stage. I'll be ready to go. I'll have tons of water, a little bit of wine. Just to loosen you up. The only thing I ever get is anxious, never nervous. I just want to hit it. I never tense up."

For more from Frank pick up the September issue of Rhythm.

Rich Chamberlain

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