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Feel the bass with a BumChum



You know the situation. You're sat behind the kit at a gig, the bass is booming out front, but from where you're sat you can't hear a thing. Well, there could now be an answer in sight…

The BumChum is a new solution to this age-old problem. Thanks to Tactile Generator technology (the kind used in US military simulators, no less) the BumChum boffins have built a throne top which allows drummers to literally feel the bass.

It also negates the need for stacks of monitoring gear and can be packed away into a case the size of a 10" tom, and anything that means a quicker post-show packdown is ok with us. We were recently lucky enough to try one out for ourselves, and they work a treat.

For more information on the BumChum, which comes with a £1,199 price tag, head to