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Keith Carlock
We put your questions to the session master! The John Mayer/Rudder/Sting/anyone who's anyone drummer answers your questions on gear, preparing for sessions, just how he keeps getting these monster gigs and a whole load more. We also get a glimpse at Keith's kit and look back at some of his biggest shows.

PLUS: Keith gives an exclusive drum lesson on this month's Rhythm CD!


Trevor Lawrence Jr: The'Drum Pimp' talks us through his eclectic career

Chris Hayden on a huge year behind the kit for Florence and the Machine

Andy Hurley gives us the lowdown on The Damned Things

Omar Hakim tells you all you need to know about practice, technique and being in the moment

Plus: Our look at 2011's hottest new gear!

2Box Electronic Drum Kit
Stagg Vintage Cymbals
Odery Fluence Fusion Drum Kit
PP300 Drum Kit
PDP Blackout Snare Drum
Remo Djembes

Learn tracks by Thin Lizzy, Cream and The Drums
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Take an exclusive guest lesson from Keith Carlock

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Rich Chamberlain

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