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DrumWright rescues UB40 for Glastonbury

A mere day before the start of the legendary Glastonbury Festival (that took place over the weekend of 26-28 June) a hot and breathless UB40 tour manager dashed into DrumWright to buy a kit, hardware and cymbals to tie the band's drummer, James 'Jimmy' Brown, over for rehearsals at the festival. Why the rush? It seems that the band´s gear had had a serious altercation with the M4 motorway, falling out of the back of the van en route from London to the legendary rock venue!

"We were glad to be able to help out at no notice at all," said DrumWright managing director Chris Wright. "...and I´m sure that the Pacific X7 seven-piece kit we sold them stood in very well until they were able to get permanent replacement gear from their endorsers."