Clem Cattini calls for 'rich guys' to save 100 Club



© Roy McMahon/Corbis

Clem Cattini is calling on his well-off mates to put their hands in their pockets and help save the 100 Club.

The session legend wants the "rich guys" to stump up a few quid to stop the under-threat venue from closing.

He told the Daily Express: "Where are young people supposed to play? Unfortunately the current Government and the last one don't care about our musical heritage.

"Why can't some of the rich guys help out? Lots of these guys started off playing at the 100 Club, it would be easy for them."

Mick Jagger and Glen Matlock are among the heavyweights to have already backed a campaign to raise £500,000 to keep the iconic club's doors open.

Rich Chamberlain

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