Charlie Benante: Anthrax with Belladonna is 'awesome'



© Sayre Berman/Corbis

Charlie Benante has described life with Joey Belladonna back in Anthrax as awesome. Take a look inside to see what else he had to say.

While speaking with Buffalo Concerts Examiner, the thrash drummer had this to say about how it feels to have Belladonna back fronting the band: "It's awesome, you know? Back in the early '90s we were different people and not as mature as we are now. Some unwise decisions were made, but you just have to roll with it.

"There was a moment while recording where I listened to Joey sing, and I knew right then that Anthrax was back. I immediately said, "That sounds like Anthrax."

Last week, Charlie was not quite so glowing when speaking about former 'Thrax frontman Dan Nelson, calling Nelson "a bully".

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