Carmine Appice book has 'crazy orgies... and Fred Astaire'



© Sayre Berman/Corbis

Vanilla Fudge sticksman Carmine Appice has spoken about penning his autobiography, and it sounds like a pretty jaw-dropping read.

Titled The International Rock Guide to Hotel Wrecking, the book was written while Appice was sidelined from drumming as he recovered from shoulder surgery.

He told "It's going to be a wild book — I got some of the crazy orgies, then I got some of the stuff with Gregory Peck and Fred Astaire."

Explaining this somewhat jarring mix, he added: "They [Peck and Astaire] used to see us play when I was with Rod [Stewart]. I gave Fred Astaire one of my books with a message in it: Good luck with the book, I hope it helps you, lots of luck, Carmine Appice. Next thing I know, I got a letter from Fred Astaire, which is in a frame and will be in the book: Hi, Carmine Appice, thank you for the book with the lovely message, I've enjoyed your work many times. Love, Fred Astaire. I go, 'Wow.'"

Rich Chamberlain

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