5 Drummers to watch in 2013

Ryan Torf with Story So Far
Ryan Torf with Story So Far

So, 2013 is almost upon us, which drummers will make it big in the months to come? Here's a handy rundown of a few sticksmen we think are on the cusp of something special.

David Prowse - Japandroids

Ah, the singer drummer. Belting out vocals while woodshedding is a talent that few manage to master. I mean, come on, even Dave Grohl gets up from the kit before opening his mouth. David Prowse, of Canadian twosome Japandroids, though, has it down to a tee. With last year's album Celebration Rock bringing the band fans on both sides of the Atlantic, 2013 is looking to be a very big year indeed for these boys.

Matt Marquez - Heartist

Straight from the Matt Halpern school of modern metal sticksmen, Matt Marquez, the beating heart for US upstarts Heartist, is nailed on for at the very least a busy year ahead. Less than two years since forming, the band have been signed to uber metal label Roadrunner Records and will drop their debut album in 2013, where you can expect to hear double kick aplenty from Marquez.

Ryan Torf - The Story So Far

When it comes to pop punk drumming, some of the genre's finest exponents have grabbed its simplistic framework and shaken it to its very core with bone-crunching, whiplash-inducing playing - we're looking at you, Travis Barker. Ryan Torf may not be quite at Travis levels yet, but the early signs are promising. His rock steady footwork is certainly the backbone for this California sunshine punk fivesome. Catch them across the UK supporting New Found Glory in the coming months.

Vinny May - Kodaline

Signed to RCA. Already attracted Radio 1 air play. A debut video which has been viewed nearly 500,000 times on YouTube. All signs point to a massive 12 months for drummer Vinny May and his Kodaline band mates. The Irish Coldplay-meets-Snow Patrol indie types can certainly craft a song, with Vinny's delicate work perfectly underpinning the soft melodies, before lifting the mood with pounding toms. Nice.

Selim Munir

This young Turkish-born, UK-based drummer first came to our attention back in 2010 when he won the Beat Drummer of the Year competition. Since then he has continued making inroads into life as a full-time pro, culminating in appearing on Lee Ritenour's Rhythm Sessions project - all the more impressive when you consider that the album was also graced by the likes of Vinnie Colauita and Dave Weckl.

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