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Ejay DJ Mixstation 3 review

Can this eJay product offer both accesibility and pro-audio quality?

  • £20
Its beginner's reputation belies the quality product underneath.

Our Verdict

An excellent tool for beginners that has plenty of mileage too.


  • Easy to use. Affordable. Can produce high-quality results.


  • Not a lot at this price.

This is the third version of eJay's mixing package: it's got plenty of features but is also designed to be very easy to use. The user interface is clearly laid out and works in an intuitive manner.

Audio files are loaded by dragging them onto a player - there are standard pitch and cueing functions and several DJ 'cheat features' too.

One of these is the one-click beatmatching option; click a button and the cueing track is automatically matched to the one that's playing. This works surprisingly well.

Elsewhere, Virtual Scratch enables you to perform 'scratches' using your mouse. A number of other effects are also included - such as spinbacks and a filter - and they're not bad at all.

Mixstation 3 is certainly fun and affordable, but the really good news is that it can also be used to produce pro sounding results.