Avanquest RadioTracker

  • £20

Our Verdict

If your ISP doesn't have a monthly download limit, RadioTracker could soon become your favourite piece of software.


  • Automated MP3 creation. Built in SHOUTcast radio client


  • Eats bandwidth

RadioTracker is a clever little program that downloads SHOUTcast internet radio streams and divides them up into individual MP3s for your listening pleasure. It's incredibly simple to use - just select a genre from the 77 that are available and click the record button. RadioTracker then happily sits in the taskbar downloading as many tracks in the selected genre as it can find. These are then saved to your hard disk, all ready to be downloaded to your MP3 player.

If you're feeling in the mood for some immediate entertainment, you can listen to any of the stations RadioTracker is downloading. This makes the software an extremely handy internet radio client. Be warned, though, that RadioTracker will eat bandwidth for breakfast if you let it - it actually managed to take down our entire network at one point!