Sebsongs Euclidean review

We get polyrhythmic with this riff on the popular DIY module by Music Thing Modular

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Sebsongs Euclidean
(Image: © Sebsongs Modular)

MusicRadar Verdict

Nice option for clocking and pattern generating, if you don’t mind building it. The LED matrix is ace and sequence-setting is easy.


  • +

    Small but clear design.

  • +

    Intuitive interface.

  • +

    Great pattern generating tool.


  • -

    The DIY aspect won’t be for everybody.

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Sebsongs Euclidean: What is it?

Euclidean is a small but very capable trigger module, based on the well-respected kit from Music Thing Modular. Some people may be put off by the fact that this is a DIY kit but have no fears, there’s a very clear and thorough build guide. If you’ve done any soldering before you’ll be fine with this kit. There’s an Arduino chip onboard but if that isn’t your bag you can also purchase your kit with the code preinstalled.

It’s nice to see DIY modules hit the market and, while not for everybody, we think building one, even if one is all you ever do, can give some useful and interesting insights into how modules work and what is going on behind the faceplate. Speaking of which, the Euclidean has a lovely clear one, with crisp labeling and no ostentatious design gimmicks, something to be appreciated when in the depths of a gig, or playing in a darkened studio.

A small yet important detail is that here you’ll find wider holes for attaching to rails. Some modules still opt for screw width, circular holes, which can be harder to mount with.

Once completed, the 8hp module is smart looking and sturdy. The layout is easy to navigate, with an 8x8 LED matrix making it easy to see the sequences. A single knob adjusts each of the three channels, which sit above a handful of CV patch points.

Sebsongs Euclidean: Performance and verdict

Euclidean is a trigger sequencer and clock divider. It has an internal 120bpm clock but can take triggers from external devices, making it easy to integrate into a rig.

Three channels are available with variable lengths of sequence from zero to 16, each with an output for sending triggers, along with an extra inverted output for channel one. Setting up and adjusting sequences is simple, using the three knobs, for length, density and offset.

This is where the LED matrix makes for a great solution on such a diminutive module. A twist of the length knob illuminates the set number of LEDs. A turn of the density knob shows how many steps output a trigger, based on euclidean algorithms, and then the offset knob adjusts the overall positioning of the sequence in one-step increments. LEDs give visual feedback, so you can easily see the sequence. Some euclidean modules use different methods for showing the sequences but none as intuitive as this.

External devices can be used not just for triggering but also for resetting and there’s a manual reset button too, rounding off the simple IO of Euclidean. The Inverted output of channel one can be used at the same time, giving an extra option or synced track of trigger output.

MusicRadar verdict: Nice option for clocking and pattern generating, if you don’t mind building it. The LED matrix is ace and sequence-setting is easy.

Sebsongs Euclidean: Hands-on demos


Sebsongs Euclidean: Specifications

  • KEY FEATURES: Three channels of up to 16 steps, DIY kit with an arduino chip, Inverted extra output, External trigger and reset.
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