Visual Sound Liquid Chorus review

  • £119.95
  • $178
Visual Sound's Virtual Chorus pedal.

MusicRadar Verdict

Don't overlook Visual Sound in your search for ultimate tone.


  • +

    Creative uses of some high quality tones in every function.


  • -

    Apart from matters of taste, nothing.

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The H2O chorus/echo pedal is a well-loved Visual Sound 'twofer'. The H2O is now available in V2 form, but you can also get just the chorus part in this Liquid Chorus.

The basic character of the chorus effect is set by means of the depth control, and then you can fine-tune the speed, width and delay time.

Unlike the other pedals in the V2 range, the Liquid Chorus has stereo outputs for maximum lushness, although there's a small switch on the circuit board in case you prefer the wet/dry output configuration of the H2O.

The usual stereotypes apply here… 'lush', 'rich' and 'custard' (no, really) were the first words that came to mind when we demoed the Liquid Chorus. The building blocks are the speed and depth controls, found on just about all chorus pedals, and the width control gives you an extra level of control over the modulation shape.

Increasing the delay time makes the chorusing less dense and possibly (we couldn't be certain) reduces the bass response ever so slightly.

If you've only ever used the simplest speed/depth chorus pedals (such as the trusty BOSS CE-2) in the past, you may find the Liquid Chorus a little confusing, but the best approach is to dive in and start experimenting.

We found some great tones, from slow and shallow Alex Lifeson chord enhancements to pronounced Jonny Greenwood wobbles.