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AD Drums Maple/Acrylic hybrid snare review

Plastic and wood? It's all good with this snare

  • £499
This maple/acrylic hybrid is an intriguing drum with several eye-catching, not least the acrylic insert

Our Verdict

A unique combination of materials and tones that shows off AD Drums craftsmanship and design flair.


  • Striking looks. Characterful sounds. S-Hoop counter hoops.


  • Not everyone will dig the look.

The man behind AD Drums, and this hybrid snare, Carl Haffield, began "dabbling" in drums at the tender age of 14, having been asked to shorten the depths of a complete high-end kit for a mate!

"The AD Drums range makes a pick'n'mix counter appear dull in comparison"

Fortunately, instead of an act of drum brutality, the 'conversion' was a complete success, retaining the friendship and sowing the seeds of the potential for a business in drum construction and customisation.

However, it wasn't until 2007 that Carl (who has recently just turned 27), established AD Drums. Since then he has amassed a lavish back-catalogue of bespoke snares and complete kits in a huge range of colours, materials (hybrid, acrylic, wood, metal, etc), drum metal work components - a drum assortment that makes a pick'n'mix counter appear dull in comparison.


"The blue acrylic ringed section makes it hard to resist picking up the drum and having a sneak peek inside"

This maple/acrylic hybrid is certainly an intriguing drum with several eye-catching and worthy features, not least, with the acrylic insert, S-Hoop counter hoops and RCI throw-off. The S-Hoop has a massive overhanging top flange which sits only a millimetre or so away from batter/snare heads.

The hoop should assist with an even tuning and give the drum more focus and body and has the potential to produce some of the most wicked rim-shots known to man! Unfortunately, these particular models have some fiercely sharp edges which will need care when handling the drum.

With a slightly off-the-wall blend of two 15-ply maple rings sited top and bottom, sandwiching a light-ish blue acrylic ringed section, this is a wholly fascinating material that makes it hard to resist picking up the drum and having a sneak peek inside.

Like the other models, this also sports tube-style lugs but these are slightly extended to allow the bolt fixing into the maple sections of the shell.

Hands On

The combination of Pinstripe batter and the S-Hoop counter hoops on this maple/acrylic hybrid tightens and focuses the drum sound. The maple inserts and the S-Hoop certainly add a little more body and character than your average opaque snare.