Audient iD24 review

If input audio fidelity is important to you, Audient’s latest analogue-inspired desktop interface could be exactly what you need...

  • £299
Audient iD24
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MusicRadar Verdict

The iD24 is a flexible interface delivering good value for money. But the audiophile front end really marks it out and that’s why we’ve given it full marks!.


  • +

    Audient’s excellent Class-A mic pre.

  • +

    Functional and tactile top panel.

  • +

    Balanced analogue insert points.

  • +

    JFET instrument input.

  • +

    Flexible software-driven routing and configuration options.

  • +

    Integrated talkback functionality.


  • -

    Bus powering requires a USB 3.0 connection.

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Audient iD24: What is it?

Audient’s iD range of interfaces offers a decent blend of audiophile electronics, solid construction and handsome looks. Nevertheless, in recent times it’s been its Evo units grabbing the headlines, with the Evo 16, in particular, offering incredible value and flexibility. Thankfully, Audient is also gradually upgrading its original generation iD units, and the latest one is the iD24, which replaces the iD22.

The iD24 is a 10in/14out 24bit/96kHz capable USB 3.0 powered audio interface. On the input side, it features two of Audient’s highly respected 8024 Class-A mic preamps via combi connectors on the back, and one front-mounted JFET-based instrument input, which when plugged up replaces mic input 1. Both inputs also include balanced inserts on ¼” TRS jacks. 

For outputs, you have two stereo pairs which can be assigned as Main and Alt monitors if you wish (see boxout). There’s also one headphone output but with two sockets (¼” and ⅛”) that you can use simultaneously. 

Completing the I/O are a pair of ADAT connectors (ADAT and S/PDIF compatible) and for system clock integration you’ve also got a Word Clock output (this is a new addition on the iD24).

Audient iD24

(Image credit: Audient)

Audient iD24: Performance and verdict

Much like the MK2 iD4 and iD14, which appeared about 18 months ago, the iD24 has overhauled electronics. This means improved signal to noise ratio, better dynamic range (now 122dB ADC and 126dB DAC) and improved headphone output. It’s also USB-powered (remember, the iD22 has an external PSU), which means you’ll need a USB 3.0 connection to provide enough power. That said, although it’s not officially supported, we did get it to work using a USB 2.0 connection.

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The iD24 is solidly built with a hardy metal case. It’s functionally immediate with individual channel switches for 48v phantom, low cut filter (100Hz) and -10dB pad. These are joined by dedicated monitor dim and cut buttons, three assignable function buttons, and physical controls for channel gain, headphone level and monitor output. 

The monitor knob is also a continuous controller, so with the iD button selected, it will duplicate the scroll functionality of your mouse, which can be handy for DAW navigation or other apps. Rounding things off is a 7-part stereo LED output meter with USB connection indicator. Alas, there is no panel top input level meter. 

The analogue front end delivers a healthy 58dB of gain and Audient quotes an impressive frequency response of 10Hz to 40kHz (+/-0.5dB). The Class-A mic pre is a big draw for this interface and as you would expect it handled our phantom-powered mics excellently, with heaps of headroom and a suitably neutral profile. But it’s also got plenty of gain for lower-output dynamic mics or instruments with passive outputs. 

If you do happen to clip that JFET input, it still sounds pretty acceptable. Factor in the balanced insert point and we can’t think of a more audiophile interface at this price. What’s more, these core features are admirably enhanced by the software support.

Audient iD24

(Image credit: Audient)

Software support

Audient’s iD software application handles all the features that aren’t covered by the panel switches and buttons, including input phase invert, +10dB digital gain boost and internal loopback source. 

The main panel includes both the output mix and two minimal latency cue mixes. For each of these, you can combine analogue and digital inputs with up to six mono DAW streams, and in each case, adjacent pairs can be stereo ganged. 

In the master section on the right, you can assign the three-panel function buttons. iD’s System Panel has a slew of settings including the primary routing options, and you have full flexibility to re-route the available streams to match your workflow. 

For example, this is where you define your Alt Speaker output, which mic will be used for Talkback (including your computer’s internal option) and also where you want each of the Cue mixes routed. Couple this with the assignable panel function buttons and you have a very powerful system.


Overall, the iD24 brings this unit in line with other 2nd generation iDs, offering an attractive balance of features, with heavy focus on a genuinely audiophile front end – which we love – and well-designed software handling additional features such as cue mixes and signal routing.

MusicRadar verdict: The iD24 is a flexible interface delivering good value for money. But the audiophile front end really marks it out and that’s why we’ve given it full marks!

Audient iD24: The web says

"The Audient ID24 is an excellent choice for musicians and audio professionals who need a high-quality, compact, and feature-packed audio interface that delivers exceptional performance."
Produce Like A Pro

Audient iD24: Hands-on demos


Julian Krause

Produce Like A Pro

Adam Steel

Audient iD24: Specifications

Audient iD24

(Image credit: Future)
  • 2 Class-A Audient Console microphone preamps
  • 1 Discrete JFET instrument input
  • Main and Alt speaker outputs
  • Powerful headphone amplifier with independent DAC
  • 2 Headphone outputs: 1x 6.3 mm jack, 1x 3.5 mm jack
  • 1 ADAT input & output
  • 2 Fully balanced inserts for inputs 1 and 2
  • DSP mixer with extremely low latency
  • Audio loop-back, 3 User-defined function keys
  • Dim and cut controls
  • +48V phantom power, pad and HPF switches
  • Conversion: 24bit/96kHz
  • Word clock output
  • Free Software and plugins
  • DIMENSIONS: 198 x 66 x 134mm
  • WEIGHT: 1.15kg
  • CONTACT: Audient