Arturia MiniFuse 2 review

These French developers know a thing or two about audio. We fire up one of Arturia's latest USB interfaces

  • €149
Arturia MiniFuse 2
(Image: © Future)

MusicRadar Verdict

MiniFuse 2 is a compact USB interface with plenty of features, but it’s also incredibly intuitive to use and looks and sounds great.


  • +

    Compact with small desktop footprint.

  • +

    Solid sonics.

  • +

    Extensive and useful software bundle.

  • +

    Includes MIDI I/O.

  • +

    5-year warranty.


  • -

    USB hub only suitable for low usage devices.

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Arturia MiniFuse 2: What is it?

MiniFuse is Arturia’s super compact audio and MIDI USB interface range, available in both black and white finishes. For review, we have the mid-sized MiniFuse 2 in black. 

This is a 2-in/2-out, 24-bit/up to 192kHz USB powered interface. It has mic/line/instrument options for both inputs, MIDI I/O and one headphone output. It also incorporates a USB hub, so you can connect your USB controller, although the power draw must be 250mA or less.   

Arturia MiniFuse 2

(Image credit: Future)

The MiniFuse 2 has its own control software (MiniFuse Control Centre) and is bundled with various additional software and plugins. To keep things simple there’s online onboarding, so to get started all you have to do is register or log in at the Arturia website and enter your serial number and unlock code, both of which are printed on the bottom.

This downloads the Control Centre installer and also tunnels you through to the software bundles. The software includes the Intro version of Arturia’s excellent Analog Lab, four Arturia effects (Rev Plate-140, Pre 1973 vintage preamp, Delay Tape-201 echo and Chorus Jun-6 analogue chorus), Native Instruments Guitar Rig LE and Ableton Live Lite. There are also two three month trial subscriptions (Splice Creator Plan and Auto-Tuner Unlimited).

MiniFuse Control Centre is used for firmware upgrades and can also be used to switch to instrument inputs and turn on phantom power. However, there are also dedicated backlit front panel switches for these options so this seems a little unnecessary. Where it may actually come in handy is it also has input meters, so although the front panel gain knobs have rather clever integrated blue and red level LEDs, you’ll get a better idea of input levels from the Control Centre panel. 

Arturia MiniFuse 2: Performance and verdict

Our review MiniFuse 2 has a slick black satin finish and although reasonably wide to accommodate the inputs and controls, it is surprisingly shallow (around 10cm) so doesn’t take up too much desktop space.

Arturia MiniFuse 2

(Image credit: Future)

The front panel has a large Monitor output control alongside 6-part 3-colour level meters. Next to this, you’ll find the zero-latency hardware monitoring balance (Input/USB), and then the headphone output and level control. The hardware monitoring influences both the headphone and main output, and by default inputs 1 and 2 are panned to opposite sides. Thankfully there’s a dedicated backlit button to mono the inputs, and the headphone and monitoring knobs also have integrated blue LEDs.

With plenty of backlit buttons, you can see what’s happening at a glance

The MiniFuse 2 sounds pretty good, with nice clean main outputs and plenty of volume from the headphones. The instrument input sounds great and it’s good to see two identical mic/line/instrument inputs at this price. Nevertheless, it’s the overall functionality that wins through here. With plenty of backlit buttons and illuminated controls, you can see what’s happening just by glancing at the interface.  

There are cheaper 2-in/2-out options out there, but MiniFuse 2 is a feature-rich device with some subtle yet handy options that you don’t always get at this price. Factor in 192kHz operation, the impressive software bundle, generous five-year warranty and a choice of ‘colours’ and you have a pretty decent package for the money. Bravo.

MusicRadar verdict: MiniFuse 2 is a compact USB interface with plenty of features, but it’s also incredibly intuitive to use and looks and sounds great.

Arturia MiniFuse 2: The web says

"The MiniFuse 2 is a perfect candidate for any beginners looking for their first interface."
Higher HZ

Arturia MiniFuse 2: Hands-on demos


Dark Corner Studios


Arturia MiniFuse 2: Specifications

  • Inputs: 2 mic/line/instrument.
  • Outputs: 2 balanced line level, 1 headphone. 
  • Gain Range: 56dB (mic/line/instrument). 
  • Input Dynamic Range: 110dB. 
  • Output Dynamic Range main outputs: 107.5dB. 
  • Output Dynamic Range headphones: 104dB. 
  • Interface: USB 2.0 with USB-C connector. 
  • Size: 200(w) x 100(d) x 43(h) mm. 
  • Weight: 0.43kg.
  • CONTACT: Arturia