You can now register your interest in Rhodes' most lavish MK8 ever, you'll just need to stump up half the $13,495 asking price for a pre order

Rhodes MK8
(Image credit: Rhodes)

Another Rhodes remake of its classic MK8 electric piano is here and this is their most impressive remade remix yet. To mark the 75 anniversary of its launch the Rhodes MK8/75AE – a careful, precise remake of the classic – has been given even more cosmetic bells and whistles to mark the occasion and make it that bit more desirable.

However, that level of detail and desire to amp up specs and quality of fittings has rather pushed the finished product beyond the realms of many of the musicians who’d appreciate it most. 

The already announced pre-ordered and sold-out models weren’t cheap, coming in at around $10,000 depending on options, but at $13,495 plus tax apiece the 75th Anniversary Edition is going one step beyond.

So far ‘beyond’ that it’s highly likely that the limited edition run will end up in the hands of collectors and the nostalgic super-rich rather than landing in the hands of fans of the sound and spearheading a new wave of EP-based tunes.

Rhodes generously recently ran a competition to win one. But if you’re reading this we’re guessing you didn’t get lucky.

Having previously toted such optional niceties as a smoked transparent hood and a walnut bottom shell, the MK8/75AE adds a black keybed, black accents and includes the full (previously optional) on-board effects unit and controls. It’s Rhodes' best MK8 yet.

It’s clearly a thing of absolute beauty and once again we’re promised attention to detail and faithfulness to the original sound that is second to none.

The original run (in its various options and forms) completely sold out, so this new limited edition version (there are only 75 models being built – of course) might just be your last chance to secure one. And easily the most blinged-out one yet too.

You can apply for a chance to pre-order one by registering your interest on the Rhodes website now in advance of pre-orders officially opening on the 15 September. But do be prepared to be asked for 50% of that  $13,495 plus tax upfront to secure your order and be prepared to wait six months for delivery.

Good luck.

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