Whole lotta discount: save over £6,000 on the Masterbuilt replica Fender Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster

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Biggest Black Friday guitar deal saving of the weekend? Over £6,000 says it probably is! This Fender Custom Shop Jimmy Page Mirrored Telecaster is one of 50 made by Mater Builder Paul Waller, painstakingly replicating the Led Zeppelin's legend's original and there's one down to £13,333 over at Thomann

We're surprised to see this as we thought they had all been snapped up when Fender released them for $25,000 each back in 2019. So this is a massive saving for a potential collector. 

Fender Jimmy Page Mirror MBPW Tele £19,555 £13,333

Fender Jimmy Page Mirror MBPW Tele £19,555 £13,333

The most accurate recreation you'll ever see of Page's historic Telecaster used on the first Led Zeppelin album. This Paul Waller-built guitar has unexpectedly popped up for sale at a huge discount - it's only one of 50 and what we think could be the last available new. 

Page's original is a truly historic guitar; the 1959 Tele gifted from fellow Yardbird Jeff Beck, decorated with eight mirrors by Page in 1967 and taking a starring role on the first Led Zeppelin album. IT would become the 'Dragon' Tele and once again play a part in Zeppelin's story; including the solo on Stairway To Heaven.  

This White Blonde recreation is the result of an in-person collaboration between Waller and Page to make sure every one of the 50 was right. 


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Off-center-seam two-piece ash body, period-accurate lacquer finish, a pair of Custom Shop Hand-Wound 58 single-coil pickups to recreate the original, tinted 'Oval C-shape' maple neck’ that precisely matches Page's own… the details all matter here. 

The 7.25”-radius rosewood fingerboard and 21 vintage-sized frets ensure the playing experience matches Jimmy's own. Other features include a custom 8-hole single-ply White pickguard, 59 top-load Tele bridge, vintage-style tuning machines, bone nut and wing string tree with metal spacer. 

The guitar includes a vintage-style tweed hardshell case, black coiled cable, Ace 'Stained Glass' strap, Herco guitar picks and Certificate of Authenticity.

Check out the guitar at Thomann

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