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Welcome to Synth Week

With the possible exception of the sampler, no new instrument has done more to shape the sound of popular music over the past half century than the synthesizer. Whether analogue, digital or software, these machines have given artists access to a massive new palette of tonal colours, and have birthed numerous musical genres.

Yes, synths - whether they be hardware or software, are the instruments that electronic musicians rely on - and MusicRadar is bringing you a week’s worth of killer content in celebration. We’ll tell you about not only the best synths that you can buy today, but also the ones that have gone down in history. What’s more, we’ll present a wide selection of tutorials and tips features that are designed to help you to get more out of your favourite synthesizers.

So, warm up your oscillators and prepare to start playing, programming and patching. We’ll keep this list of articles updated throughout the week as new content is published

Synth Week articles

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