Waves just slashed the price on 20 of their best-selling plugins, including Waves Tune and Vocal Rider at just $35.99 each

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There’s no doubt that Waves plugins are some of the most popular tools for maximizing your mix, with a comprehensive offering of EQs, compressors, and loads more to help your creations cut through. If you’re after something new to fill a gap in your plugin locker, or you’re just getting started mixing, there’s an amazing sale on at their official website at the moment, with their top 20 best-selling plugins available for just $35.99 each.

As well as huge discounts on plugins, there’s a secondary offer running that means you can get a free plugin if you spend $50, or two free plugins if your spend hits $80. There are 100 free plugins to choose from in this secondary offer, making it a nice bonus if you’re grabbing yourself a couple of plugins in the sale. We’ve not had any word on a closing date for this excellent sale, so you’re best off moving quickly if you fancy picking something up.

Waves best sellers sale: Just $35.99 each

Waves best sellers sale: Just $35.99 each
Including powerful plugins like Waves Tune, Vocal Rider, Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, and the always useful SSL G-Master Bus compressor, Waves’ 20 best-selling plugins sale is a brilliant opportunity to bag some creative or utilitarian plugins for less. From EQs to AI tools, this selection of Waves’ most popular plugins are just $35.99 each, making them insane value for money. 

We had a quick scan of the sale to see what was on offer, and picked out some of our must-have plugins. First up we’d go for the SSL-G Master Bus Compressor, which is reduced by a massive $113.01 in the sale. It’s a ‘glue’ compressor, which makes it great for use on any kind of bus, whether it's vocals, drums or anything else. We particularly love the auto-release function which helps add some magic to your mix bus alongside a classic 4:1 compression ratio.

Next up we’re looking at Vocal Rider. It’s an ultra-powerful plugin for quickly levelling vocals (or anything else that’s particularly dynamic), which can drastically reduce the typically tedious amount of time modern producers have to spend drawing automation lanes in your DAW. We find the best way to use it is to set it to write to an automation lane, then make further adjustments using your ear to get a truly great vocal performance. It’ll speed up your workflow massively and with a huge 82% discount it’s well worth adding to your plugin locker.

Delay plugins are incredibly useful for producers, allowing you to bring something forward in the mix or send it right to the back depending on how you use them. Waves H-Delay has been around for a while, but it’s such a good design that it still continues to be popular with producers. It’s got a ginormous 80% discount, available for just $29.99 in the sale. It’s a versatile plugin that can deliver clean, modern delay tones as well as tape-style warble effects that spiral into self-oscillation. We like the clean UI that makes it easy to dial in sounds and although it may be old, there are still some gold sounds here. 

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