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Want to know what an 100 oscillator synth sounds like?

Yesterday we brought you the longest sequencer we’ve seen and today it’s the turn of synth with the largest number of oscillators, 100 of them to be exact.

Venerable YouTuber, Look Mum No Computer is back once again with some more noisey-goodness. This time the object of his affections is a rather bonkers, 100 oscillator drone synth!

It’s quite obvious that the build behind this project was a quite the undertaking. As Sam mentions in the description “I lost my will to live at the start of the week the amount of soldering required nearly defeated me, but luckily obsessive persistence did the trick!”

We’re glad for his obsessive persistence as the results are the stuff dreams are made of for the drone lovers amongst us.

If you’re interested in how it was built, then you can also check out the video below on creating a simple oscillator.

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