Vote now for the greatest synth sound of all time!

ARP Odyssey
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It's a simple question: what is the greatest synth sound of all time? The answer is perhaps not as easy.

Do we go for the most memorable, the biggest hook, the cleverest programmed sound, the simplest, the catchiest…? What to do? Why, throw it open to a public vote that's what!

We've assembled some 100 famous synth sounds and songs in a shortlist for you to vote on. You can vote for as many sounds as you like, but the important thing to remember is that, while we're confident that our list contains some of the most memorable, hookiest and brilliant synth sounds out there, it's not a definitive one but here to nudge your grey matter and inspire further discussion and to trigger fond memories.

With that in mind we have included an option - and we encourage you to fill it in - for you to enter your own choices. Use our list as a diving board into the pool of great synth sounds but feel free to swim around and come up with your own nominations.

So, what will we do with the results?

Well, the top 50 sounds, as voted for by you, will be revealed in the February 2021 issue of Computer Music on sale 30 January. The best bit is that you'll be able to create the sounds themselves as they will be accompanied by 50 videos showing you how to synthesize them using the world-famous Computer Music Plugin Suite - free with that issue. So get voting and make sure your favourite  sounds appear!

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