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Video: Signal teams up with Masters of Maple to build a cardboard drum kit

Cardboard snare drum being fitted with hardware by Masters Of Maple


We’ve already seen the cardboard Fender Stratocaster, as well as a cardboard surfboard and skatepark, and now the latest collaboration between snowboarding brand, Signal, Ernest Packaging and US custom drum builder, Masters Of Maple is a set of cardboard drum kit shells.


In the video, we see how the team at Ernest Packaging take up the challenge to create the shells from stacked discs, supported by rails for strength before being coated in epoxy.


Next, the shells are sent to Masters Of Maple’s Sahir Hanif to cut the bearing edges, drilling and a final fit with hardware and heads. From here, Stone Temple Pilots’ Eric Kretz puts the kit through its paces in his studio, where the sound is surprisingly better than the, er, boxy tone we were expecting!