Universal Audio to celebrate “60 years of analogue tone” with… what, exactly?

GEAR 2021: This might be ‘NAMM week’ for a lot of manufacturers - hence the deluge of new gear we’re seeing - but Universal Audio is keeping its powder dry until 27 and 28 January, when it looks like it’ll be making a “very special product announcement” that celebrates “60 years of analogue tone”.

A photo on the Universal Audio website - which is named Emperor Live, so we're guessing that's what this new product is called (or just Emperor, perhaps) - shows what appears to be a piece of hardware sitting on what looks like a wooden floor, so we’re wondering if this could be some kind of guitar stompbox/recording solution that runs UAD powered plugins.

• NAMM 2021 is cancelled, but we'll be covering all the big January gear announcements right here on MusicRadar.

This theory is given credence by the fact a short teaser video features what sounds like a reverb-soaked guitar strumming away in the background.

Alternatively, the floor could be a red herring; we can also see an animated graphic of what looks like a knob, so maybe we’re looking at a new controller of some sort. Something to go with Universal Audio’s LUNA recording software, perhaps?

Of course, both of these suggestions could be wide of the mark, but in the absence of any other clues, guessing is all we can do.

See what you think on the Universal Audio website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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