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Transform your Roland TR-707/727 drum machine into an 808, 909 or LinnDrum with this ROM expansion

HKA Design has released a ROM expansion kit for the Roland TR-707 which gives you the option of eight drum banks, featuring some classic drum machines from the past.

Not wanting to disrupt the 707/727's interface with toggle switches, UK-based design engineer Harry Axten has opted for a switching system by pressing one of the first eight step keys whilst powering the unit on, while each preset bank will restore on restart. Keeping things nice and simple.

The first 12 sounds are replaced in each of the eight banks leaving the last two original sounds, crash/ride and quijada/chime, present in all the expansions.

The expansion kit retails for £60 (free worldwide postage) and features the pre-assembled expansion board, chip socket and ribbon cable. However, at the time of writing, the 707 expansion kit is currently sold out, but the hope is that the next batch will be available as soon as September 2020. Check out the HKA Design website (opens in new tab) for more information.

8 new banks

  1. TR-707
  2. TR-727
  3. TR-808
  4. TR-909
  5. LinnDrum
  6. LM-1
  7. DMX
  8. TR-707 + TR-727 mix (handy for those who don’t own both machines)

(Image credit: HKA Design)

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