Tommy Emmanuel and Mike Dawes join forces on stunning cover of Somebody That I Used To Know

Can you believe it's been 10 years since Gotye and Kimbra's worldwide uber-hit Somebody That I Used to Know? Well the fact didn't escape Tommy Emmanuel and the UK's own Mike Dawes - friends who just happen to be two of the greatest acoustic guitar players on the planet and decided to duet on a new instrumental version. 

The interplay is so good you'd never know they recorded it remotely, and we spy Mr Dawes has a new guitar!

Mike Dawes and Tommy Emmanuel

(Image credit: Mike Dawes / YouTube)

"This track features my new Cuntz guitar model in koa/spruce made by the amazingly named German luthier," Mike tells us. 

"Among other technical changes it features some Schaller D-tuners on the top two strings to help create slide effects whilst locking the tuning between preset pitches. Basically if you see a guitarist changing tunings mid song they're probably using something like that. 

"Here I'm using it to bring a little Nashville flavour hoping to blend in with Tommy without stepping on his part."

Well it certainly sounds great to us. And you can buy now buy this new Mike Dawes signature guitar from Andreas Cuntz, along with his previous signature Indian Rose model that he's giving a tour of above. Just head to and send him a message via

Rob Laing
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