This new Kickstarter combines a guitar and amp stand

Altar guitar and amp stand
(Image credit: Altar)

Who doesn't want to show off their electric, acoustic or bass guitar and amp? Even way back when we played a Marlin Slammer (badly) through our brother's old solid-state Fender Princeton Chorus it was a pride and joy. And no matter what you're playing, this new Kickstarter campaign from Spanish startup Altar offers a chance to show off your favourite guitar and amp while keeping it tidy.

A stand secured by and positioned over a guitar amp isn't something we've seen before and for £43 to pledge as an early bird backer, you can receive a stand if the £8,863 funding target is reached.

Anyone pledging the equivalent of £52 or more gets an accessories tray add-on they can fit to the stand for guitar picks and capo

The Altar stand is the work of David Galvañ, a designer and guitarist based in Valencia, Spain. He came up with the concept back in 2012 as part of his masters degree and decided to revisit it a decade later as a potential product. 

"I have been designing products for 10 years; from sofas and tables, to lamps, floor tiles or door knobs in our design studio," says David.

"My current expertise on design has made me overcome this project and cover the whole process; from the initial concept to the production process, graphic design, art direction, factory and logistics troubleshooting and press/marketing.

"I started this project with a real problem / necessity that I aimed to solve and use in my day to day."

Designer David Galvañ with the Altar guitar and amp stand

David Galvañ with his Altar design (Image credit: Altar)

Of course, anyone considering backing the Altar Kickstarter needs to consider the potential shipping costs too. 

Altar are planning to ship worldwide if the Kickstarter is successful and it will calculated after the campaign ends. Estimates are as follows though: Spain: €6, European Union: €13, Rest of Europe: €20, USA / Mexico: €38 Canada: €42, Asia: €31.

Altar are currently looking for a company to ship products from the USA for them if the Kickstarter is successful. 

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