This is how you turn a sample of a Lamborghini engine into a throbbing EDM bass sound

Good news for EDM producers: it turns out that the Lamborghini you have parked on your drive can be used as the sample source for your next throbbing dubstep bass sound.

OK, we’re being glib - we know that you sold the Lambo a while back because you wanted something a little more flash - but the guys at Disciple wanted to find out what happens when you sample the sound of a supercar’s engine, import it into Serum to create a custom wavetable, and go to work on it.

You can check out the results in the video above - be warned that there's some fruity language in there - but the good news is that it turns out that you can make an equally good bass wobble by sampling a Toyota Corolla’s engine, or even just by making some noises with a skateboard. So, maybe you don’t need that Lambo after all - not when you’ve already got a Ferrari on the drive and a McLaren in the garage, anyway.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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