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This arcade-style custom guitar is one of the craziest MIDI controllers we've ever seen

Since Muse’s Matt Bellamy strapped a Kaoss Pad onto his Manson electrics, we’ve seen a fair few technologically enhanced guitars, but none quite as advanced as this incredible arcade-style electric.

Dubbed Sputnik by its builders Remy Sefi and David Or, the guitar boasts seven arcade-esque Bluetooth MIDI buttons, two MIDI knobs, MIDI motion control, a Fishman TriplePlay MIDI pickup and a Realtime Pixel Styled Audio Visualizer - meaning it can control just about anything you can throw at it.

In the video above, Sefi demonstrates its phenomenal array of features with a song made completely using the guitar.

Sputnik started life as an Ibanez Artcore AS53, and runs on several Arduino micro-controllers placed inside the body - hurray for f-holes!

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