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The Black Keys offer their own online expert MasterCourse

(Image credit: YouTube: Funny Or Die)

The Black Keys would like you to know that they are doing really good at music and want to show you how you can do really good too. Seriously. 

Ach, no, not really. But in this era of the sage on the stage, the influencer, the artists from all kinds of fields – film, TV, music, cuisine (!) – The Black Keys have cut their own trailer for their very own special kind of instructional course. 

Want to play like The Black Keys? Then maybe you need to enlist in The Black Keys MasterCourse. Let's check out the video and see if it's this is the right educational environment for you . . . 

Ha! Or, if you really want to learn the secrets of Dan Auerbach's guitar playing, you could start by checking out this Riff Of The Month lesson from way back. 

And it won't cost you a thing. 

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