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The beginner-friendly Ibanez RG450EXB is $150 off with this ace Guitar Center Christmas deal for metalheads

Ibanez RG450EXB
(Image credit: Ibanez)

As the baby brother to one of the most iconic metal guitars of all time, the Ibanez RG450EXB has character in spades. From its wafer-thin Wizard III neck to the lightweight Meranti body, this is a guitar built for speed. And with $150 off the list price at Guitar Center right now, it’s the perfect opportunity to add one to your collection.

The RG450 is available in two cool colorways - Yellow and Metallic Blue - and delivers that trademark Ibanez playing experience without the significant outlay of some of its bigger stablemates.

Ask anyone what the first guitar they think when you mention metal music, and the majority would likely say Ibanez. That heritage and credibility is largely down to its long-running RG series, which has been providing the platform for all manner of shredding, riffs and fretboard gymnastics since the 1980s. The Ibanez RG450EXB is a lower-cost relative to the RG550, which is considered one of the finest metal guitar ranges in history. Not bad company to keep, eh?

With the RG450, you get the famous Wizard III neck which is built entirely for speed and efficiency in your playing. Zipping up and down the fretboard is a joyous experience on a Wizard neck which, when combined with the locking tremolo, invites you to be adventurous in your playing. There’s a reason you don’t find many folk players using the RG series, after all. Subtle it is not.

So, if it’s a great value, reliable metal machine you’re looking for, which has a big dose of fun attached to it, then you could do a lot worse than take advantage of this deal from Guitar Center.