Zerodebug releases touchAble Mini for iPhone

Developer Zerodebug has released touchAble Mini, a trimmed-down version of its excellent Ableton Live controller app specially designed for iPhone and iPod touch.

Based around a completely rewritten code, touchAble Mini gives users access to a host of Live's mixing, editing and sequencing capabilities remotely, in a way that takes advantages of the iDevice's touchscreen.

The app allows users to trigger clips, edit MIDI information, adjust Live's mixer, play MIDI instruments and more. There's also a XY Pad mode, which lets users morph between effects parameters. touchAble Mini can also take and recall snapshots, for quick access to effects presets.

What's more, multiple instances of the app - and its bigger sibling - can be used across several devices at once, allowing multiple iPhones, iPads, iPad minis and iPods to be used for a more comprehensive control setup.

touchAble Mini is available to buy from the App Store now, priced at £6.99/$9.99.

Si Truss

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