Yeco touch controller for Ableton Live gets its first major update

Following its release back in March, Yeco, a touch controller for Ableton Live, has just got its first major update.

Designed to run on the same machine as Ableton Live itself, Yeco is compatible with Windows 8+ and MacOS 10.10+ running on touch-enabled devices.

After receiving requests from its users, the makers of Yeco have added two new MIDI controllers: a 64-pad controller and a double-size Hex controller.

Several improvements in speed and reliability have been made across the application. These include:

  • Major improvements to the loading of the clip grid
  • Improvements to the load time and overall responsiveness of Yeco
  • Added playing position timer in the toolbar
  • Sliders position is now relative instead of absolute
  • Improved latency and responsiveness of the drumpad controller
  • Several other improvements to the efficiency and reliability of the live script
  • Small bug fixes

The update is free to existing users so, if you're on of them, check your inbox for details.

Yeco is available now for €45 and can be purchased on the Yeco store. If you want to try before you buy then a free demo is also available.

In other news, the guys at Yeco are also working on a new touch MIDI controller for Windows and Mac which will be released in a couple of months. We look forward to seeing what that will be...

Simon Arblaster
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