Will you back the Synthino XM hardware synth?

The compact hardware synth market could be set to get yet another entrant, with the Synthino XM instrument currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign.

This 5-note polyphonic device comes with an arpeggiator and a 16-step 'groovebox' performance sequencer, and supports MIDI over both standard 5-pin DIN and USB ports.

A pledge of a least $129 will get you an Synthino XM if the project is funded - check out the Kickstarter campaign for more details.

Synthino XM specs

  • 5-note polyphony for superb playability
  • 12 waveforms, 4 drum samples
  • 12-bit audio at 25KHz output rate
  • 4 MIDI channels, each with separate waveform and ADSR envelope
  • Low pass filter with cutoff frequency and resonance controls
  • 2 independent low frequency oscillators (LFOs): pitch and filter
  • Selectable waveform for LFOs
  • 1V p-p audio output voltage with enough current to drive headphones
  • Arpeggiator mode, up to 16 notes
  • 4 arpeggiator patterns: up, down, up-down, random
  • 4 built-in arpeggiator chords or use MIDI to specify up to 16 notes
  • Arpeggiator pitch transposition control
  • Tempo control with MIDI clock input
  • 16-step live performance "groovebox" sequencer
  • Pitch fine-tuning adjustment
  • Programmable/upgradable over USB