Waldorf unveils Nave wavetable synthesiser for iPad

German synthesiser manufacturer Waldorf has released Nave, a new wavetable synth app for iPad.

Nave features a pair of wavetable-based oscillators, a single classic oscillator and an Überwave function which - in a similar manner to Waldorf's recent hardware minisynth Rocket - allows users to instantly stack up to eight detuned oscillators to beef-up sounds.

The app also features a full-screen, 3D Wavetable Edit window, and comes packed with wavetables from classic Waldorf hardware including with Wave, Microwave and Blofeld synths alongside its own new sounds.

There's a full filter and effects section too, featuring delay, reverb and modulation effects alongside a parametric EQ. The app also features an arpeggiator and a vintage tape-styled four-track recorder.

Nave is available now from the App Store currently priced at £7.99/$11.99 (rising to £13.99/$19.99 after a five day introductory period.)

Si Truss

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