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VTC-1 vacuum tube compressor plugin released

VTC-1 looks suitably vintage.
VTC-1 looks suitably vintage.

The list of possibles for anyone seeking a vacuum tube compressor plugin just got one longer, for has worked with Pentode audio to release the VTC-1.

It's designed to deliver a warm, analogue, transparent and pumping sound; there's no threshold knob, so you adjust the amount of compression by raising or lowering the input level. There's also a Compression Amount knob, which is said to be similar to a ratio control.

Promising "real-sounding analogue colour," VTC-1 is available now as a 32-bit Windows plugin for €17.17 (this is an introductory price). You can also download a demo from VTC-1 features

  • Compression amount knob
  • Standard attack and release knobs with analogue modelled behaviour
  • Input knob that controls amount of compression/ level of compression
  • Compression Amount knob (similar to ratio selector)
  • Switch: significant compression (hard curve) or smooth curve (soft curve)
  • Tube Drive knob for real-sounding analogue warmth and saturation
  • Post-gain knob
  • Bypass knob and gain reduction meter