Vinyl, iZotope's fantastic free plugin, is back in an updated form

The vinyl revival continues.
The vinyl revival continues.

iZotope is re-releasing Vinyl, its very first plugin and a freeware favourite. This is in celebration of its 15th birthday.

"When we look back on iZotope's history, we're so grateful to the early fans of Vinyl who championed our efforts," says Mark Ethier, iZotope's CEO and co-founder. "It's their support that paved the way for Ozone, Trash, RX, and everything that we have created since. In this birthday year, we're excited to bring Vinyl back as a thank you to our old friends, and to help us meet new friends, too."

Vinyl is the perfect plugin for all things gritty, old and lo-fi, emulating many characteristics of old record players and the records themselves. The plugin has been updated to support modern operating systems and some extra new features have been thrown in, too.

It is now 64-bit compatible on both Mac and PC and supported formats include AAX and VST3. The plugin also features a new Spin Down button that simulates slowly stopping playback of a record. The original features are all retained, including adjustable Warp, Dust and Scratch levels.

To download Vinyl for free, head over to the iZotope website.

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