Vice One – FREE VST/AU Compressor worth $49.99 with Computer Music 233

Asking a professional producer if they really need more than one compressor is like asking an artist why they have more than one shade of blue on their palette. Mixing is, of course, both a science and an art, so having a range of sonic colours is all part of creating an effective and captivating mix.

Grab issue 233 of Computer Music, and you'll also bag the full version of Vice One, Ignite VST's powerful PC/Mac compressor, which usually sells for $49.99! You can find Vice One on the DVD that comes with the print edition of the mag, or download it from our online Vault if you've got a digital version. For more info, find out more about issue 233.


  • AU/VST compressor for PC and Mac, 64-bit
  • Choice of Analog and Digital circuit designs
  • Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release
  • Look Ahead for super-smooth results
  • Saturation and Makeup Gain
  • Switchable input/output and gain reduction metering
  • Soft/Hard Knee selector
  • Bypass and overall power switched

If Vice One gets you pumped, check out Ignite VST's range of plugins and soundware. There's the mighty sample-based workstation Heat Up 2, with gigabytes of patches for urban producers; and tons of construction kits and sound libraries focused on hip=hop, trap and R&B.

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