UAD-2 Octo Core announced

Announced today, the new UAD-2 8-Core Octo Core PCIe card adds even more DSP processing power to the ever-popular platform.

As a result of this launch, Universal Audio has decided to lower the prices of the rest of the PCIe and Satellite range. This means that you can gain entry to the UAD-2 club for as little as £299 by purchasing the UAD-2 SOLO PCIe card.

At the top of the pile sits the UAD-2 Octo Ultimate bundle containing the eight-core card, all the Analogue Classics and 55 UAD-2 plug-ins. This top flight package comes in at a wallet-busting £5,499 but offers twice the processing power of the Quad. Plus, with the base Octo package at just £1499, you can join the eight-core club for less cash than it was to purchase the Quad Core when it originally went on sale.

So, you've now got the option of running 152 Stereo Fairchild 670s without taxing your main CPU!

In the UK, Source Distribution expects Initial stock at the end of October.